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We’ve recently created a state-of-the-art file sharing system and company Intranet for a large healthcare industry consulting corporation. They have numerous contractors who operate out in the field servicing a high number of clients and needed a way to securely share work files between their clients, the contractors, and the corporate headquarters. We built it for them and we can build it for you too!

Here’s how it works. Users are assigned a secure client login they can use to access a private file sharing page for their company’s projects. They use their unique log-on credentials and then access a second password-protected page where they find their own file sharing area. ¬†Users can then click & drag files and folders from their computer to the file-sharing area and they instantly begin to upload! It’s that simple! Page administrators can be assigned and allowed permission to create, rename, delete and move files and folders as they need to while clients and contractors can have their access and privileges restricted.

We can implement this file-sharing system for your company, organization, or project. Contact us to discuss getting started!

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